Automatic perspective correction tool?

I have recently read that @agriggio has implemented several new features in his own version of RT (called ART). Among these are a perspective correction tool “copied” from Darktable.
It turns out that I’m kind of allergic to tilting lines so I very often have to adjust the sliders in the current perspective tool until I’m satisfied with the result. Using Darktable it often only requires one click, then to work is done!

Look at this beautiful, old-style seaside resort shot from close range. Lots of tilting lines:

One click, Darktable analyses the image and corrects the tilting lines. Very easy and a nice result:

Maybe @agriggios code could be included in the standard RT version?


Wouldn’t that be nice?

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Would be really nice, but only if the correction can be decreased.
Reason is, I am allergic to results that look optically too wrong as in the example. The right gable looks like it would bulge out :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that’s true. Although the lines are technically correct aligned, the result looks artifiial.
For that reason I add a small vertical lens shift to the automatic correction. This looks more natural since it corresponds more to the natural human eye view.

The image is the result of one click on the automatic fit (vertical correction). You can also click the vertical and horizontal correction icon.

On top of this, you can apply the automatic fit and in addition do fine tuning using the same manual sliders as in RT. I think that it is an excellent tool……

The other day I shot more than 70 photos at an anniversary (indoor of course). Many photos and lots of tilting lines. Then you really appreciate the automatic fit….:blush:!

Yes. Would be nice if computer calculated the correction numbers and made the adjustment leaving correction settings editable i.e. would work the same way spot white balance and auto crop work.

Hi’ @Janne
The perspective correction works the way you want it to work……:blush:!


The automatic fit calculates some adjustments (rotation, vertical and horizontal) you can fine-tune afterwards.


+1 for this feature. It would be very nice to have it since it would save a lot of time for a certain kind of photographs.