Automatic settings for denoise (profiled) in styles

In darktable 4.0.0, I’ve selected an image to use as a starting style for many other images. Two modules I’ve selected to be included in the style are lens correction and denoise (profiled). When I apply this style to other images, the lens correction behaves as expected where the lens, focal length, and aperature of the current image are used to make the automatic adjustments. However, the profiled denoise seems to use the settings from the original image instead of the new/current one. Interestingly, the top of the module does indicate the correct ISO (i.e. the correct ISO is shown in the message “found match for ISO 1000”), but if I reset the module then the “preserve shadows” and “bias correction” numbers change.

Is there a way to make the profiled denoise act as if I press “reset” when used in a style?

I just checked this on my computer using a style that includes denoise (profile). For me the ISO has been correctly selected and the noise reduced as expected. It doesn’t show me any setting changes regardless of which image I select. It just shows that the ISO has been correctly selected the magic seems to be getting done with no movement of the sliders or changes to the wavelet display.

And yes I see that if I hit reset parameters these sliders take on different positions. I also see that if I have the denoise (profiled) module expanded but not activated and click through a series of images that the selected ISO changes to match the new image and the preserve shadows and bias correction sliders change.

I am not sure if this is a significant issue and hopefully a more knowledgeable person can comment one this.

As far as I know cutting and pasting for 99% of all modules in DT will just pass the same settings it will not run any auto updates based on the image…even filmic only does this when added as part of the scene referred workflow. If you leave it off and then add it to an image you will get the same values every time…

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Are you in “auto” mode or manual mode in denoise profiled?

Hm, the mode just says “wavelets”. I see there is a “wavelets (auto)” in that drop down too. I thought the default when enabling the module (or “resetting” it) was to do automatic denoise based on the detected ISO level. I’d read that the newest versions doesn’t need to do the old recommended trick of two instances anymore. Perhaps I need to better understand this version, thanks.

Instead of putting it a style, I find it better to make a preset and set it to auto apply with appropriate filters.

Styles - or copy pasting, retain the module parameters, and cannot know which ones were modified by the user or if the user left them as their default value. So, when setting up a style with denoise profile for multiple ISOs, it is better to use the auto modes, that will always compute some of the parameters from the profile corresponding to the current ISO value. This way, you can have a style made on an image of ISO 100 that still works quite well on an image of ISO 12800 for instance.
If you want more control that that on the parameters, then the best is probably to make one preset per ISO and to auto apply them.