AWESOME blue boat!!!!!

This boat picture might be fun to edit :wink:

Very excited to see how we deal with this.

I didn’t take this photo for the purpose of photography, I just saw the blue light and knew straight away.

Edited in my soon to be released experimental program, WB 2770K tint -0.49, exposure factor 5.7, little bit of contrast.

DSC09171.ARW (24.3 MB)

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.

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Is there a repo or is this a privy developement?

Its gonna need a big refactoring before I release anything. The idea is there but it is spaghetti code. I will be sharing under GPLv2

It’s kinda like dcraw in function but uses LibRaw internally and has better processing.

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DSC09171.ARW.xmp (28.9 KB)

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Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

“Critical Mass Dot Gif”
green-green rgb channel slider, 19 positions with RT-dev
animation optimized in GIMP


I get the feeling you’re really playing with that raw. :rofl:

I was a bit triggered by the title and all the exclamation marks :wink: .

@HIRAM : Nice!

Took me a few minutes to figure out how you created the sequence in RT while keeping the reds red. This also pushed me to, finally, find out how to create animated PNGs (and GIFs) in Krita. Turns out not to be all that hard. Krita has a nice section to create animations (in general).

@Thomas_Do : I hear you!

No one thinks this blue boat is awesome?

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Blue light in general is awesome. It has a way of blurring the vision and that is difficult to reproduce without the eyes tiring after a few minutes.


As an image: Nice, yes. Awesome, no.

I often run into scenes that look very nice, maybe even awesome, but I’ve learned that not everything that looks good to the eyes/brain translate well to a 2D image. I wasn’t there, so this is a partial assumption, but I do think this is one of those possible wow! scenes that doesn’t translate well.

DSC09171.ARW.arp (11.8 KB)

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