B&W color tuning

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I’ve been moving away from Lightroom to ART, since it renders the RAWs beautifully. One thing that I have still not figured out is how I can tune colors for highlights and shadows when an image is black and white.

To me it seems like it’s applying the tuning to the color image, and then reapplying the B&W module.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :heart:

Hi sQVe, and welcome to Pixls!

That is a correct assumption.

This is how ART’s pipeline is set up: Pipeline. Everything is processed in that order and if you make changes the pipeline is reprocessed.

@Jade_NL Thank you! :blush:

So, with that in mind I would assume that the only color tuning I can do on B&W is the tuning that is available in the B&W module.

Is that correct? :thinking:

I’m not entirely sure what it is you want to do or expect, so:

  1. You can use the colour related tools in the Color tab to change the colours, but these changes will turn up as changed grey values. You can darken a blue sky by using the Colour Equalizer module’s Luminance equalizer for example.

  2. If you want to add actual colour into your black and white edit (make it sepia coloured for instance), you are limited to the B&W module.

You can use Local editing - Color/Tone Correction to make the B/W conversion and then add any color to any area you want to with additional masks. At least this is what I understand sQVe wants to do.

In Lightroom I typically convert to B&W and then apply color grading, making highlights and shadows either warmer or cooler separately.

This is what I am after. Would this be possible via the local color tuning option?

Thank you for your help by the way :blush:

Here are a couple of ways:


@agriggio Awesome, thank you for those recordings - very clear. I appreciate Pippi too :wink:

Adding some kind of color tuning when using film simulations is not possible, correct? I sometime use a film simulation as a start point, which is why I’m asking.

Sure you can. Just load the film simulation as a LUT in the colour/tone correction module and then do your extra tuning later in the same module

Hej Oskar & välkommen!

To try to clarify matters:
what effects are you after?
Could it be old time’s duplex print?
Or monochrome? Or do you strive
for the difference between certain
photo papers (like Agfa Brovira); where
some papers produced warm brown
tones (instead of black), and others
gave a cold black?

By the way — while speaking about old photo papers:
it is very easy to ape the effect of hard vs. soft paper
grades — just change the slope of a tone curve :slight_smile:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

@agriggio Aahhh, of course. That’s amazing :raised_hands:

@Claes I enjoy the look of cool shadows and/or warm highlights in B&W pictures. I’ve been playing around with it for a couple of months and was a bit stumped on how I would go about adding that in ART.

Also, I’m born and raised in Lund - so sending you extra love :heart:

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