B+W module tint

ART 1.7.1 appimage.

I find the b+w images too cold. I always add some tinting to warm it it a little bit:

  • hue: 80
  • saturation: 30

My problem is that it’s difficult to get exactly 80 and 30. For just 1 photo: no problem but when I do a serie it look slightly different.I end up closing ART, modifying the .ARP files by hand, then exporting them.

Is there a way of entering the values manually?


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I’ll see if I can improve the UI. In the meantime you can save the tint in a partial profile that you can apply to all your bw pics

Yes, it’s easier. Will do.

Thank you

I’ve using 1.8.2 for a while and only today, I noticed that by right clicking on the b+w tint, there’s an input box for exact values.

Thank you :grinning:

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