B&W photo by Aurelien on Flickr


Hi Aurelien,

I will assume that this photo was processed in DT.

I love the B&W treatment. Could you share?


Thank you

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I don’t think that is the work of @aurelienpierre just someone with the same first name.

Oops. Then sorry.

Aurelien is a very uncommon french first name. It used to be quite common in the 18th and 19th centuries, as a show of respect for the Romans, but now…

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I was asking because I not found a “good way” to do b&w in DT.

What’s a good way:

  1. Nice resulting b&w photos.
  2. Nice resulting b&w photos w/o jumping through too many hoops.

I’m sure that this is caused by my lack of understanding. Colour is no problem, I mostly get what I want. But I can’t get what I want in b&w. That’s why I was asking for the processing…


I use the gray tab in color calibration, often starting from one of the film emulation presets. Usually works pretty well for me.