Baby linux user looking to install the new Dev version of rawtherapee

I current run linux mint 20 on bare metal on my surfacebook2 (LOL). I currently have raw therapee 5.8 installed. I’m looking to install 5.8.9 dev version on my mint 20. I just don’t know where to download nor install…

HeLp…HElp… please :0)

Thank you in advance!!

Hi & welcome! I don’t know that there are premade dev packages for deb distros, but it isn’t that hard to build it yourself: Linux - RawPedia

The latest dev appImage is 5.8.2995 on the above page.

I have done that process and it still shows the 5.8 version and not the 5.8.9 in terminal. I’m I missing somthing ?

I dont know how what the command to install the app on my system ? What are the commands line to install in terminal ?

Thank you in advance:)

AppImages are standalone executables, you can run them directly once you set the executable bit (chmod +x [app].AppImage).

It’s really simple using an appimage. Just download it, right click and make executable, then double click and it runs. You can choose whether or not to have it show up on your start menu or not. Personally I don’t bother because I update the appimages frequently.