Basic question on Input example

I was just playing around with G’MIC commands and was on the page at If you look at example 2 on that page it has a command and what I take to be the image the command is supposed to create. However, my output looks nothing like the example image. Attached is a screenshot showing the page, the DOS window and G’MIC command and the output. Is this just a case of a doc error or am I missing something? Thanks.

You’re supposed to put in “^” instead of ^.

gmic (1,2,3;4,5,6;7,8,9"^"9,8,7;6,5,4;3,2,1)

You could also double ^^, where the first one is the escape. When you share code in your post just remember to remove the extra escapes, which I often forget to do, to avoid confusion. So, in general, it may be better to use the double quotes…

Hi, thanks that fixed it. Someone should probably update the doc since the command there is ^ and not “^”.

People are responsible for their own console/terminal’s escapes. That is not for the reference docs to spell out. See my other post for a great resource on everything CMD.exe. That site also has references for PowerShell, bash, etc.

Could you link the other post?

Ahh, digging I see that the ^ is a special character that DOS cmd.exe grabs so when I typed in the G’MIC command as it appears in the documentation, I didn’t realize that cmd.exe was intercepting the ^ - hence the need to escape it so that it actually gets passed to G’MIC.