Because 100MPx isnt enough

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I was on the road an hour ago thinking the same thing: the fourth louver from the top on those SW-facing window blinds in Suite 1307 near Janet’s desk needs to be cleaned.

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Body is only 10,000 USD :wink:

Thats not bad for 400mp

Meanwhile, Nvidia and Corsair are rubbing their hands.


Not to mention Thermaltake and Cooler Master.

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“As lenses get sharper, we have the opportunity to make more realistic images. However, the things that impair resolution — diffraction, depth of field, focus curvature, and the like — become more important. So managing the sharpness of the detail that the sensor can resolve properly (information below the Nyquist frequency) becomes more important.”

I like Jim Kasson, but I think he has completely missed the sense of reality in this case…

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for that sensor size it is kinda cheap.

Yeah… “I’d love to see the insides of your skin pores… from 300m…”