Best platform to build from source

This week i build several versions of Rawtherapee on MacOs and Windows.
By downloading the latest dev version from github and using the instructions on Rawpedia.
Main reason is that i have a few bugs and i would like to have exif data for my Canon R5 CR3 files.

I am looking for the most stable platform to do this on.
From my experience from this week it is not MacOs.
Windows is way more stable.

I did not test on Linux.
I suppose the developers are on Linux. I am familiar with Debian.
Would it be advisable to use Linux ( Debian latest ) to make latest dev builds ?

Check Garuda Linux, KDE.
Claes in Lund, Zweden

You need to build on whatever platform you’re going to use to edit. If you’re editing on Mac, you need to build on Mac.

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I use RT Linux, from dev source in Debian stable 11.3. This works for me. My Linux dev RT, from source, is used very often, processing raw pictures from CANON 5D Mk IV (CR2). I have had very few issues over the years.

I am interested in Canon CR3 support. Hence my experiments in that area. My main RT application, for regular use, is straight from regular RT repo dev branch and works fine (for my CR2).

I want never really able to the source to build on macos without error. I ran a build on my new Fedora system without any issue. At some point I was going to look at setting up a docker container with all the requirements to compile from source. If you have a container you should be able to use it to compile on any linux system that could run docker without having to install all the libraries. I don’t know if there is a way to compile C++ code on a linux system for macos of windows but if there is using docker would simplify things.