Best Raw Processor with CLI on Ubuntu?

What might the community recommend to process Raw captures from a variety of cameras, via CLI on Ubuntu? Specifically, does anyone have a recommendation for processing IIQ files? I can’t believe they are maimed TIFFs with no embedded full preview! - J

RawTherapee can work on the command line and should be able to process IIQ files. See

Please let us know if you run into any problems.

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What is your scenario for use? RAW development via CLI is unusal. What do you want to achieve? Do you have large series of similar raw images to batch process? Or do you aim for an automatic standard processing of snapshots. Why then not use camera JPEGs?
Please give some more infornation.

PhaseOne IIQ raw files are known to have only small embedded jpgs

I used to do my initial raw processing to proof images at the CLI. With nothing better to do one day, I wrote a simple shell for rawproc so I could invoke the batch command from there, still a shell command…

If G’MIC used libraw for ingest, I might still be using it as my primary image processor… :slight_smile:

I wrote “unusual” but not “unheard-of” :wink: . But it makes a difference whether you want to do culling or producing “fine art”. That’s why I asked.

Even my “fine art” (ha, that’s a stretch) sessions get processed to proof images the same way. The batch-produced proofs have a toolchain that I use as the starting point for any further “inspiration” (more like, bored and want to see Aunt Mary in cyberpunk, or somesuch… :laughing: )

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Thank you all so much for your time and generosity! I have tried the rawtherapee-cli and no matter what I do, I get the same “Killed: 9” output and no file:

sudo /Applications/ -j -c filename.iiq

I’ve tried other versions, like specifying the output filename with -o switch. Can anyone guide me? Thanks in advance!! : )

@ ThanatomanicRoel

Installed via Homebrew at

Thanks for your engagement and questions. I seek a cli to use it server-side for bulk processing in a web app. - J

For real bulk processing I would try dcraw.

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