Binning with Siril OS X

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Is there a feature to apply binning prior to stacking.
I have an OSC ZWO camera and it is recommendedd to do binning during registration/stacking (for CCD cameras, it is best during capture).

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No real binning no. If you check the simplify drizzle option (during registration) you will have an up-scaled image.

Thanks lock042.
How about adding true software binning to the next version of Siril.
Also, Can someone make a video tutorial (in English) comparing:
Dithering, Drizzle and Binning and show any image improvement with image examples? With info on binning. iIt can be further described comparing hardware binning vs. software binning and the improvements with CCD cameras vs. CMOS cameras.

Not for the next version: we are now working on fixing bugs. It is added to the 1.2.0, however I even don’t know what to do, and why at this stage.

I had posted the suggestion and the reasons for binning some time ago (,210.msg1270.html#msg1270).
As said before : recent APN’s have to small pixel dimensions. Binning would improve the noise, faster processing , less disk space with no loss in resolution.
Thanks ! Jan

Yes but it is not clear for me it has some advantages to do it at the processing stage.

Can you acquire from DSLR with binning? If you have the full-size raw files it’s too late and can be useful for the reasons given here (Binning would improve the noise, faster processing , less disk space with no loss in resolution).

No, I can’t do binning on my SONY A6000 unfortunately (But otherwise it is a great camera for modest money). Ideally it is done on camera, but it is still very useful in the very first stage of processing. I verified that bin2 increases S/N by nearly 2, as expected if the noise in the pixels is not correlated. It is equivalent to quadrupling exposure time ! Very effective.