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I have a website/blog hosted on GitHub; it’s a static site created with Pelican. At the moment I put small images and thumbnails on GitHub itself and for larger version I link to my Flickr pages.

I am less and less enamored with Flickr so I wanted to get ideas about where would you store photos for such a blog. Is there anotner online photo storage solution where I would just dump my photos? I don’t care about “social” functionalities, all the sharing I intend to do will go through my blog.

Also, I’d like to find a possibly open source solution, free would be cool but I would consider switching my yearly Flickr fee to this other resource if that proves to be more convenient for me.

Can’t you have your images hosted by github too?
I tried to create a simple portfolio using this and everything is hosted by github.

Edit: I got the idea from My static photo gallery on GitHub

Github has a repo size limit of 10GB. Not great if you want long term storage of photos. I think we are past the point of getting free unlimited storage.

You can: get cheap shared hosting that has “unlimited” storage.

Or you could use something like amazon S3, which is really cheap.

I would have no problem with paying for my storage as I usually do for google drive and flickr, but amazon s3 seems extremely complicated for a hobbyist – or am I missing something? Like an interface which would make everything easier?.. I don’t even understand how to use their calculator to get an estimate of monthly billings!

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FWIW: hugo just learned EXIF data support. rejoice my friends.

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Just wanted to correct this info, github has a size limit of 1Gb (not 10!).

See here: