Blue Monday... Not a tribute but it make me feel blues

The Darktable’s new colorimetrics capabilities are really great. Thanks Aurélien! The sun is still down, just some thin clouds & it was cold, quiet


Lovely! I might desaturate the sign and box on the left, they really pop off in an otherwise serene scene.

Thank you! I wanted since many years to incorporate the mailbox & the sign in this view, but the conditions never happened… Until this morning! It’s just right at my front door. Each time, i went out, i screen the scene in my mind. I color calibrated the shoot with a color target & the new capabilities of Aurélien’s calibration color module. And at the end of the day, i took the spectrometer + ArgyllPRO ColorMeter & measured the color coordinates to compared it. I achieved the fine adjustment in respect with the measures done, in the color balance module. One condition which stay invisible but i wanted that it would feel, are the pandemic effects… The humans stuff are there, highly visible, obvious, still & quiet, poetic… The bus stop without people, the snow on the mail box untouched, the road’s traces without cars, the human presence has gone… Paradox

It’s the overall blue cast which make pop out the sign & mail box color. The red & yellow saturation is faint

Did you measure the actual objects in the scene with the spectrometer?


Another edit, slight differences, more nuances