Brand new user- FITS image issues

Hi All,

First try of SIRIL today, and all seemed to run fine. Tried opening an image in Pixinsight that had been integrated in Siril and PI reported virtually all 0’s.

I opened the same image in Siril itself and it opened fine, but the mean value was around 29,000. A raw frame in siril has a mean of 700.

Something is going on with the reading and writing of fits images perhaps.

Images were captured from a QHY600 using voyager as the capture programme.

Any thoughts?

Im using pretty up to date versions of voyager and PI and Siril are fully updated.



Hello, how did the mean got so high in your stacked image? That doesn’t explain why PI would fail to open it, I don’t know how to solve this problem.

Output normalisation with not a lot of images.
Scripts use the normalisation by default.

Hi All

There were 20 light frames, each 600s, with 15 flats/darks/biases.

As i say I am brand new to Siril so there may be settings I haven’t turned on etc.

I used the monochrome preprocessing script as that seemed most appropriate.

We are looking to automate the image preprocessing stage as far as possible as we have a mountain of data between two observatories