Break in the clouds

Taking some evening photos while out camping, I liked this opening in the clouds. Trying to find a good way to make the land underneath stand out a bit more, would love to see what other folks might do with this. Processed with Darktable 3.6:

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hello! added quite a bit of exposure compensation, then used filmic :slight_smile: not sure how bright the original scene was. maybe this edit is a bit too bright

P7081787.ORF.xmp (37.4 KB)

darktable-GIMP Mantiuk and LAB


Nice one, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: I don’t have that much time for playraws right now but decided to give this one a shot. I pretty much did the balancing with some heavy graduated filter use.

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RT5.8 dev

my proposal

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Here’s my version … Thanks for sharing!


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Is that the skylight clut I posted somewhere?

Kodak Portra 400 2, as always :slight_smile:

Not had much time recently, but I could not resist the temptation of this one!
Created three versions: the original, one adjusted for highlights and one adjusted for darkest areas.
Blended these with Enfuse. Pulled the result into GIMP and then played with luminosity and saturation masks.