Big tides, big swell, big sun, you just have to be there and be shutter-happy. Due to the high-speed burst mode, no raw… Picture just straightened (crooked 4° initially) and cropped, small size due to lousy bandwidth.


@Ofnuts The splash looks like a giant goldfish :slight_smile:.

(Mica) #3

The top of the splash is too close to the edge of the frame and the compsotion is a little center heavy for my taste. When this happens to me, I generally opt for a 1:1 crop ratio; the square seems more forgiving of centered subject matter.

I think you could also use a touch more sharpening and some chroma/LAB A/B contrast.


I would not know where to crop. I like all that motion in the waves. Since the sky is kind of boring, perhaps it would be possible to synthesize more height in the image to gain the breathing room.

I don’t get the big sun part from the image itself. It isn’t particularly bright. My goldfish comment was twofold. (1) The splash looks like one. (2) The image might be more interesting if the tones had a touch of golden hour.

I also wouldn’t mind it being intentionally crooked for the sake of drama.

(Glenn Butcher) #5

Lighten a bit, and 1:1 crop. Put the front of the splash on the right-hand third line, and the line formed by the wave from the bottom right corner to the top draws the eye into the scene.

Son and I attended a John Fielder (Colorado landscape photographer) seminar this past weekend, and I’m all pumped up with leading line thoughts… :smiley:


Second shot. First one was with RT, this one is with Gimp. Straighten, resynthesize some sky, add some contrast, scale down and sharpen.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #7

Nice shot. Perfect timing. Since colours are not that vibrant, the drama of wave hitting the wall may also look good in high contrast BW. For example:


No excuse for a bad timing… Shot in burst mode, a lots of culling afterwards. Bound to have a good shot in the middle :slight_smile: