Browse crash with tiff files

art 1.9.3 on opensuse leap 15.3.

The directory has mixed images. It had .cr2, .dng, .tiff, and .pef images

When editing an image, there’s the browse strip at the top. I was changing a couple of parameters (removing the resize) of a whole bunch of photos and art would crash and quit at the tiff files.

As far as I experienced, it’s not related to which tiff files. I was going from the left to the right and clicking the next image. Whenever I got to a tiff file, art would crash.

  1. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with the tiff files. If I’m in the file browser mode, I can see the tiffs, open them and edit them without any problem.
  2. It’s only in the image edit mode that the crash happens.
  3. It happened with any tiff image.