Brush controls missing in DT 4.4.2 (solved)

I have a Wacom Intuo tablet that works fine with DT, but I found in DT manual that I could configure it to have better respond (darktable 4.4 user manual - darkroom).
In Configuration/ Preferences & Settings/ darkroom/ General it should be two controls - “pen pressure control for brush masks” and “smoothing of brush strokes” - but they aren’t there. I thought I has to have the tablet connected so they appear, but connected nothing happens either. Does anyone have the same issue?
Thank you for the answers!

Does this help?


Hi Bojidar,
as you can see, there is no “presure” in the properties.

Captura de pantalla_2023-08-26_17-02-34

Also, as per the manual, there has to be something like that in "General properties¨ so it won´t be necessary to activate it each time in every module.
May be it has been deprecated? I didn’t heard anything about it.


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There is pressure on my installation (flatpak) but I did have to change back and forth few times between brush and other shapes for it to appear.

what @dterrahe points in the manual is most likely

The “brush smoothing” and “pen pressure” options have been moved from the global preferences dialog to a new collapsible “properties” section in the mask manager, so that they can be changed while drawing and can be assigned shortcuts.

Thank you dterrahe! I haven´t had seen this.

Thank you Bojidar! It seems someone forgot to change this in the manual. I will try to use it as you recommend.