[bug] Exporting tif floating point makes artifacts


Import a raw file P1000117.dng (12.4 MB)
and use the neutral profile
Uncheck clip out of gamut colors, raise the exposure and save as floating point 32bit tif with a v4 icc profile
Open the tif, uncheck clip out of gamut colors, and reduce the exposure, it should be identical to the original raw

neutral profile

Exposure raised
P1000117.dng.pp3 (11.6 KB)

P1000117.tif.pp3 (11.6 KB)

(Morgan Hardwood) #2


Should I report it to github?

(Mica) #4

Yes please

(Alberto) #5

do you have a DCP “look table” applied by any chance?

(Alberto) #6

nevermind, I think I found the culprit

(Alberto) #7

should be fixed now




So rawtherapee does “clipping” using the film-like behaviour, it’s a good trick to use for some problematic images as it gives costant hue :sunglasses:
Are you aware if it uses the same film-like behaviour somewhere else in the processing pipeline?

(Alberto) #10

When “clip out-of-gamut” is unchecked, filmlike_clip is applied before converting to 8-bit or 16-bit integer (i.e. before saving as jpg, or when generating the screen output). A similar behaviour might be applied for the DCP look table, but I don’t remember for sure, I’d need to check.


I’m opening a request on github where I ask to let the users choose when to use filmlike-clip, I really hope you rawtherapee developers don’t hate me too much :smile: