Bug Report : u(0,1) is not a const

This used to work before.

1,1,1,1 eval. "const v=u(0,1);"


[gmic] *** Error in ./rep_u_test/ (file 'C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\user.gmic', line #2) *** Command 'eval': Operator '=': Second argument (of type 'scalar') is not a constant, in expression 'const v=u(0,1)'.
[gmic] Command 'eval' has the following description:

  gmic: GREYC's Magic for Image Computing: command-line interface
        Version 2.9.5 (pre-release #201206)

        Copyright (c) 2008-2021, David Tschumperlé / GREYC / CNRS.

Random numbers can’t be constants…?

It used to work before. You can verify that with stock 2.9.4.

I am using 2.9.4. Perhaps it is a bug since our experiences don’t match.

I must be misremembering then. I guess I’ll just have to figure out my workaround.

There is no way the result of u() can be considered as a const value.
If this was working before, then it was a bug.