build from master fails

I am currently facing issues when trying to build dt.
Pull the recent version from git and try to build as I have done during the last weeks.

Now build process fails with an error code. I have no glue whats going on here …

Any hints would be more than welcome.

[ 49%] Built target location
Scanning dependencies of target metadata
[ 49%] Building C object lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/CMakeFiles/collect.dir/collect.c.o
[ 49%] Building C object lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/CMakeFiles/recentcollect.dir/recentcollect.c.o
[ 49%] Building C object lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/CMakeFiles/metadata.dir/metadata.c.o
/home/martin/darktable/src/libs/histogram.c: In function ‘_lib_histogram_process_waveform’:
/home/martin/darktable/src/libs/histogram.c:226:9: error: ‘wf_linear’ is predetermined ‘shared’ for ‘shared’
   shared(wf_linear) aligned(input, wf_linear:64) \
/home/martin/darktable/src/libs/histogram.c: In function ‘_lib_histogram_draw_waveform_channel’:
/home/martin/darktable/src/libs/histogram.c:516:9: error: ‘wf_display’ is predetermined ‘shared’ for ‘shared’
   shared(wf_display) aligned(wf_linear, wf_display, primaries_linear:64) \
/home/martin/darktable/src/libs/histogram.c:535:9: error: ‘wf_8bit’ is predetermined ‘shared’ for ‘shared’
   shared(wf_8bit) aligned(wf_8bit, wf_display:64) \
make[2]: *** [lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/CMakeFiles/histogram.dir/build.make:63: lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/CMakeFiles/histogram.dir/histogram.c.o] Fehler 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:3110: lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/CMakeFiles/histogram.dir/all] Fehler 2
make[1]: *** Es wird auf noch nicht beendete Prozesse gewartet....
[ 49%] Linking C shared module
[ 49%] Built target recentcollect
[ 50%] Linking C shared module
[ 50%] Built target metadata
[ 52%] Linking C shared module
[ 52%] Built target collect
make: *** [Makefile:152: all] Fehler 2

An issue has been opened on github and is being worked. GCC 9 has a compatibility issue with < GCC 9.

In the meantime if you need to compile, open src/libs/histogram.c, find the shared(…) entries and just remove them. Save the file and the compile should work.

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thank you very much for the feedback. Was scratching my head and trying to figure out what I again managed to break … :crazy_face:

Fixed in master

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