Building SiriL on Astroberry

In the past I has build SiriL on a Raspberry Pi running Astroberry (Debian based distro with KStars and INDI)

Today I’ve tried to run the current master branch and I’ve got an error about missing opencv4. I’ve been looking around and I can’t find any armhf build for this library.

I know that @vinvin is (or was) using this machine. Did you use 32bits Linux or 64bits one?


Hello Rafa, I don’t know what version of debian astroberry is based off, but in recent stable versions, opencv 4.5 is provided, so I guess it’s running an older one? opencv 4.2 can be used with some limitations.
I’m using a raspberry pi 4 indeed, with raspbian, 32 bits userland and 64 bits kernel, but this doesn’t change anything.

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Hi Vincent, yes Astroberry was based on an old raspbian distribution (2 or 3 years ago). I’ll build a new distribution using the most recent raspberry OS (Debian 11) . Thanks for confirm that is working fine on a 32 bits distribution

Confirmed (as you already know @vinvin). A new SD card with the Debian 11 based OS allowed me to build SiriL on the first try. Thanks!

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