Call Congress to Protect Net Neutrality (US members)

(Pat David) #1

Hi all!

I don’t normally post these types of things, but I felt the issue is important enough to warrant a post here. The U.S. Congress is going to consider ending Net Neutrality again in mid-December. We could really use folks to take just a few minutes out of their day to call their congresscritter and tell them that you want and support Net Neutrality!

They have a script of what to say, and will connect the call for you to your senator/congressperson.

Please, please, please take a minute and make the call!

(Pat David) #2


The result would affect non-US parties as well since a lot of the infrastructure is in the US. So please consider this friends.

(darix) #5

If you want to see what happens without net neutrality


Any notable news on the Net Neutrality issue? What is the state of affairs and how would it affect a community like pixls?

(Pat David) #7

No notable news yet, other than my Congressional Representative is an idiot.

The state of affairs remains to be seen. Last time this came up we (the royal “we”) managed to stop it from happening. Not so sure this time around. The only way to hope for a good resolution is to continue to hound your representatives as aggressively as possible.

If it were to happen, we’re not sure what the result might be - the ISP’s would have free reign to do whatever the hell they wanted - so it could conceivably cost more money to access third-party websites that weren’t on the “approved” list of the ISP… :frowning:
This is exacerbated by the fact that, at least here in most of the U.S., the local ISP’s have a monopoly…

(Morgin) #9

Thanks for posting about this, Pat. I have already called my representatives. Unfortunately Ajit Pai seems far less prone to reason than Tom Wheeler was.

Also, everyone might want to consider donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They may well be our last defense in the courts.