Call GMIC function from script-fu

Hello all,

As stated in the title, I would like to call a GMIC function from a script-fu (with “plug-in-gmic-qt” command) but I can’t find a list of the GMIC functions.

In example : (plug-in-gmic-qt 1 theImage bluedarksLayer 1 0 “-v - -fx_mix_rgb 1,0,0,1,0,0,0.60,0,0,1,2,2”)
“fx_mix_rgb” is the name of the RGB Mixer filter => I would need a list of all the function names

If you don’t have any list, if someone could help me to find the name of these filters, it woul be very helpful :

  • Artistic > Pastell Art
  • Degradation > Noise Spread
  • Degradation > Add grain
  • Color > Dirty

Thanks in advance
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Hello, you can find the name of those filter by going into updatexxxx in the gmic appdata folder or where the data is stored. Then, by opening them, you can use search function within a text editor and search with this:

#@gui Add Grain

Then, you’ll find the name of these filter in command form.

There is a button in the plug-in interface that copy/paste the G’MIC command into the clipboard.

Here for instance, if I click the button and paste the copied text in the terminal, I get :

fx_isophotes 8,1.005,1,0,50,50

Hello both of you,

The copy button is really what I needed.

Many thanks and have a nice day