camconst.json missing altogether on mac install

I’ve tried to edit the camconst.json file but it is missing altogether.

I’ve downloaded the latest version of RT from the main website, navigated to ~/Library/Application Support/RawTherapee/config/ but there is no camconst file there. I only see an “options” file and “profiles” folder, which is empty. I have all hidden files enabled to show up.

Why would this be? Is there a copy of camconst that I can just copy into the config folder?

On a Linux box, after a fresh install, there’s no camconst.json in the user’s configuration directory. There is one in RawTherapee’s global installation directory.

You should copy that one to your user configuration directory (~/Library/Application Support/RawTherapee/config/) and edit that one. If you edit the global one all changes will be lost when you update!

This from the camconst.json file:

All changes made here will be lost on software update. If you want to add custom values or change existing ones, create a “camconst.json” file next to your personal “options” file. Its values will then override and/or complete the ones of this file.

I’m not a Mac user, so I have no idea where RawTherapee is installed (could be /opt or /Applications). Do a global search for this camconst file if it isn’t in either of those two.