Camera color profiles and Skintone harmonie

(Mario Bolz) #1

hello and good day,
I’ve been on the track for some time now and compare darktable with rawtherapee.
My question
both programs use DcRaw as a basis.
The colors look a little different in Darktable
there is the possibility how to load color profiles in rawtherapee.
DCP or ICM if so where can I find the directory on the Mac?

another question
with facial colors has sometimes color spots.
there is the possibility to match the colors
to homogenize
So make it more uniform

thank you in advance

(Christian Kanzian) #2

As far as I know - No for darktable.
darktable uses rawspeed, which became more or less part of the darktable project some time ago.
Perhaps dcraw has been used ages ago in the beginning or in some special cases?

Maybe the Color look up table module can help you?

(Shane Milton) #3

If you go into Darktable folder where it is installed yo create a folder called color and in that folder create folder named in then put your camera ICC and ICM in the in folder and you will find them in the input color profile module.

(Cranberry Carborundum) #4

If you can’t get them on a mac I’ll send you your camera file or the whole thing if you want

(Mario Bolz) #5

Thanks… greats Mario

(Cranberry Carborundum) #6

@Mario_Bolz Adobe Standard (28.8 MB)