Camera upgrade / system change

I’m planning to upgrade from a Nikon D2Hs (APS-C) to a Pentax K1 (full frame) (original, used) in about 2 weeks. My first (film) SLR was K mount and I still have a couple kit lenses for it.

For newer AF lenses, I think I’ll start with a 24-70mm f/2.8 and a 100mm macro. One of my owned K lenses is a Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5-5.6 manual focus. I think I’ll start with that for tele as these two lenses and the body consume most of my $2,500 USD budget. I’ll also want maybe 4 SD cards (the body takes two, so a working pair and a backup pair), a spare battery and a travel case.

All of the softwares should support a camera from 2016 right? If I want to play with pixel shift, will that limit my software choice?

Probably, but most of the raw apps list their supported cameras, so you can check it yourself.

Yes, to RawTherapew and assumably ART.

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I have borrowed from a friend his K1 and processed photos in darktable so yes it’s all supported (the body and files not sure about the lenses you mentioned though). Don’t know about pixelshift functionalities but I suspect it would be transparent for darktable if the raw files are supported.

afaik dt only supports the first frame of pixelshift raw files.
To really use all 4 frames with foss you need to use RT or ART