Can anyone help the exposure

This spider is quite common but a real pain to photograph because they move so fast which is why I am hopeful that someone can help me improve the exposure of the dark bit with destroying the white bit.

Thanks in advnace
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IMG_2857.CR2 (10.8 MB)

Not sure about more details in the darks. I’m fine with adjusting the colors an contrast in this area.


IMG_2857.CR2.xmp (13.9 KB)

IMG_2857.CR2.xmp (12.4 KB)

Thanks that is wonderful.

Yes that is what I meant - is that possible?

For me it’s hard to brighten the shadows AND not making it look completely shitty. This is as far as I would go. Let’s wait for some other contributions.

IMG_2857.CR2.xmp (15.3 KB)

I get the impression there’s an out of focus object causing the dark area, not just a shadow:
color is different (greenish), and the spider is unsharp in the darker area.

My version…

IMG_2857.CR2.xmp (11.9 KB)

Quite a little exposure increase of shadow and fix of greenish cast
IMG_2857_01.CR2.xmp (14.5 KB)

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