Can Darktable fix the faded edges on the dishwasher and the adjacent kitchen cabinet doors?

The stove is from Poliigon, the plaster texture is from Poliigon, the fridge is from the Chocofur website and the lighting fixtures are from Imeshh.

So wait… This is something you rendered yourself???

Entropy512, yes it is something I rendered. I know it is a little dark. The dishwasher is from 3dsky. Are you able to see the white or faded edges on the dishwasher and the adjacent cupboards. Two people told me they could not. I think I need to use the rectangular selection tool and then use a color picker and eye drop tool. Are there other ways or am I seeing something that is not there? Thanks

I’m not seeing white or faded edges in this image.

Those COULD be the result of a postprocessing operation that is prone to haloing?

However as to the question of “can darktable fix a problem with this image” - probably, but the reason I asked if this was something you rendered is because you would probably do better by trying to figure out what caused the problem in the original render.

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Could you please mark the regions that you are talking about? dt has a color picker for you to query pixel values, etc.

Entropy512 you are the 3rd person who cannot see what I am seeing, Like afre suggests I should use the color picker to query pixel values. The areas are the side outside edges of the dishwasher and the adjacent cupboard door edges. About 1.5 cm in. Sometimes I see it, sometime I don’t. I will mark the areas later and post a picture. Right now I am rendering on an old computer. Just give me 15 minutes. Thanks to the both of you. How do you fix haloing in Darktable?

And I am the 4th who cannot see what you are seeing!
Please follow @afre’s suggestion.

The dishwasher is the one in the bottom row, to
the left of the window, right?

Irregularities that bother me in the rendering:
the right side of the fridge (where it is visible between
top and bottom cupboards: the tiles look cut off), and
that the cupboards at right don’t have the same
colour as those on the window side. Or might that
be a finesse?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Claes the stove cabinets are blue and the sink cabinets are green intentionally. When I chang my monitor settings to movie mode the halo goes away. In dynamic mode which is the most detailed and standard mode you can see a halo. Where the circle is on this picture is where you see the haloed eges but the full height of the cabinet doors and the full height of the dishwasher. If I look at the pictures on my other screen things are fine. So it is just my monitor(tv). Thanks for everyone’s input. This topic can be closed. I would however like to know what tools you use in Darktable to fix haloing, now that we are on the topic. Thanks I could not pick the edges with the color picker. Only a central area or a point on the dishwasher.

Sounds like a lousy monitor???
How is your colour management chain?

Usually halos get “created” by the use a module. Attenuate this module will reduce the halos. So it isi all about workflow…


Yup. You don’t fix halos after the fact. You fix them by figuring out what is causing them (usually, you notice immediately that a module you are using had a negative effect) and then find an alternative to that module that works differently, or turn down the settings (because haloing is almost always a result of using a module too aggressively).

In the 1:1 crop, there appears to be a very subtle halo around that edge… But it looks like a JPEG compression artifact to me.

Why dt, when you could use the renderer? Is that due to a limitation of the latter?