Can I install an older version of Gimp even though I have 2.10 installed?

(Melissa Newcomer) #1

I want to use the Beautify Plugin and it’s not compatible on the new version of GIMP so can I download an older version and install it and keep the newest GIMP installed?



(Mica) #2

It depends how you have it installed and what OS you’re running. You can use a portable version of gimp on Windows or Linux, or install both apps on MacOS.

(Melissa Newcomer) #3

I have Windows 10 or whatever the latest version it is and its 64bits. How do I install a portable version of Gimp on Windows?





On Windows(*) If you already have 2.10, you can install a 2.8 using the standard installers since the 2.8 installer doesn’t look for existing later versions. The reverse is not true, installing 2.10 after 2.8 is seen as an upgrade and replaces 2.8.

As others mentioned you can also use the so-called “Portable” versions.

(*) since you don’t mention the OS…


@Saleen1999 Check out I have been using his portable builds for a long time. Currently, he providse 3 versions of GIMP for win10. You may ping Partha if you encounter any problems. Screenshot of his downloads: