Can I Trim the Unwanted/Unused Features from digiKam ?


In my ongoing crusade to discover why my Tags thumbnail database is self-destructing, I read somewhere that digiKam features can be removed or turned off, but there was no information as to how to go about this.
I will never use probably 99% of digiKam’s capabilities; I use it strictly as a photo organizer.
digiKam never sees anything except for my finished jpeg files, which are stored in separate dedicated folders sorted by date; no other files reside in these folders.
When I get a folder of finished jpegs, I make them an “Album/Collection” in digiKam.
I then use the geolocation feature to pinpoint locate each image and write this information into the image file.
I also add Keyword Tags from my meticulously created tag tree.
I often use my (now failing) Tags View to locate tagged images.

Those are the only features I use in digiKam; Keyword Tagging and Geolocating, and search by keyword tag: I do not foresee me ever using any other feature.

I feel that if my digiKam were stripped down and stream-lined, then there would be a lot less room for error.

Is this stream-lining possible and if so how ?

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

My best guess is that you read about enabling/disabling features at compile time, i.e. these are not the droids you’re looking for.

(Simon Frei) #3

From what I remember there’s not many compile time features, mostly tangential stuff (KDE integration, …). And I’d be really surprised if any of that has any influence at all on the thumbs db. That’s core functionality.


What opersting system do you run digikam on? I believe it is Windows. Is that correct? What version of Windows? 7, 8, 8.1 , 10 ? 32bit or 64 bit? I believe ‘winver’ command in the command line will show you exact version.


My “opersting” system is 64-bit Windows 7 Pro


Maybe that is the reason. I use digikam on my Windows 10 machine almost every day now and I don’t have issues with thumbnails. Do you have an access to a Windows 10 machine?


No Win 10 around here.

I don’t think my problem is a Windows 7 problem.
My Tags View thumbnails worked flawlessly for ages until the problem all of a sudden showed up.
Once the problem made itself evident, it has been like a landslide; it is much worse each time I access Tags View.
It may be punishment for me always bragging about how digiKam never made a stumble.