Can it be because of Windows 11?

I only have great comments since I discovered SiRil, I have not used the scripts yet , I want to understand each steps of the processing before using them ( and I have not yet mastered the dark flats portion …)

I risked migrating to windows 11 and up to now, it has been pretty good.

Today, twice, Siril froze on me. I have to terminate the GUI When I restart Siril, it loads the log screen but stalls there. The only way I could recover it was to reboot Windows 11. ( a logout login of the user did not do it).

I cannot give you more info , this is why I wonder if there is a LOG somewhere that can help me identify what is happening and the solution.

I have been Using v0.99.10.1commit 21A2646 on Windows 11 version 21H2, Build 22000.282. (I dont know how to get a newer version, I an not very familiar with github)

Thank you


Hi and welcome!
The only reason I see is maybe you have set a working directory on a drive that is not connected any more and now siril or windows cannot find it.
You can try deleting the siril config file that may be in %localappdata%\siril (copy that in the explorer address). Instead of rebooting you can also kill it from the task manager (control-shift-escape to bring it up).

Ending task on task manager did not do it, I can restart Siril log window but the GUI never loads. Only the log screen. Logout of user account and login again did not fixed it, Siril only starts the log window. The only fix is a win 11 reboot. This is why I am trying to find a log of what happened for the next time. It is working ok now, I will try to reproduce.


Hi Daniel,

I haven’t upgraded to Windows 11 but it could also be a coincidence. Did you mount in the past 2 days a SD card or a drive on a network? There was a problem with Windows in these cases. It has been fixed since then but will only be available in the next release.

If I remember correctly, starting Siril with admin privileges should temporarily solve the issue if that is indeed the case. If it’s Win 11 related, then I must say I don’t know.


Thanks. Will let you know if i can reproduce

Windows 11 had 2 or 3 updates since I had the problem and I no longer have the condition. I have been using it all evening and no freezes. I guess we can blame it on the early releases of win11… We can close this one.