Can such images be recovered ?

My 3 year old son was into the photography this morning. He took many pictures but almost all of them look like the attached. I am not sure what settings/mode he was using (he does not remember that either :slight_smile: ).
The thing is there are few pics of mom and dad I would actually like keep but I am not sure if they can be recovered at all. Do you have any ideas?

PS I am going to keep them anyways :blush:

20170703_111146_036.DNG (20.1 MB)

Looks like they were extremely overexposed and the WB is out of whack. The stats of your sample (raw) is

min : 250
max : 4095
mean: 3893.9260083234403
std : 631.93129616699628
rang: 3845
rgbg: 1.000000 0.465455 0.812727 0.465455

You can not revover information, that is just missing. The picture contains mainly pure β€œwhite”.

Thank you for the comments.

Sorry that the files didn’t turn out :frowning: but at least a few were okay to keep :slight_smile:. It happens to the best of us.