Cannot click on images to enlarge

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

Images from certain topics, not all, cannot be clicked to expand:

[Play Raw] unusual low contrast (at this corner of the world)

Yes, I noticed this when I uploaded a recent photo of my dog.

(darix) #3

It does not affect all images

(Gustavo Adolfo) #4

Same here.
“Image is different” topic had that symptom yesterday and today.
But after a power outage (and a forced shutdown) minutes ago, the images on that topic are now enlarging.
Some memory stuff going on here?

(darix) #5

I have no idea why … my ownly guess would be sidekiq hanging.


The issue is gone for me after clearing the Firefox cache.

(darix) closed #7

(Morgan Hardwood) opened #8

(Morgan Hardwood) #9
  1. I assume “closed” means people can’t comment. Why is this closed? We don’t close any threads in the forum. Even if this was solved, people should still be able to comment.
  2. This is still an ongoing issue, some images still cannot be clicked to enlarge, e.g. this one can, the next one can’t.
  3. Clearing the cache, or opening the thread in an incognito tab or in a different web browser has no effect.


Yes, all the images from the new Forth Bridge Play Raw are showing this issue, for instance.

(darix) #11
  1. we lock threads when the issue was resolved. for me that is like a ticket system so I know what is done.
  2. this issue just resurfaced because sidekiq was paused again. that pausing due to backup is now fixed in masters but i did not get around to update to that yet.

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