Canon 80D profile

Hi, new to RT here and are seeking a profile for the Canon 80D.

I’m normally a good reader (perhaps I’m still in holiday mode) and although I’ve gone through the online doco I’ve hit a roadblock in that what I think I need to do is install Adobe DNG Converter 11.3 to obtain the correct profiles, and this is blocked as I don’t have admin access to my PC.

So, is there another way to obtain the correct file or create one?

BTW my normal processing on the in camera JPEG’s is to apply some clarity, lightenshadows and darken highlights and this would be my starting point in processing RAW files (just starting to use RAW files)

RT 5.6 from Windows Store. Win10 (the only way I can install software unfortunately)

thankyou kindly



Use Linux:

I uploaded a bunch here, I made Canon_EOS_80D.dcp myself:

Thanks Morgan. Yes, it’s not my preferred way of working but I’m without a personal PC at the moment…

Thankyou for the link to the DCP files. I’ll see if I can apply these and get some success.

Small steps I think