Canon Eos RP support

Any prevision for support to the CR3 raw files of Eos RP ??

Thank in advance

Giuliano Colivicchi

May take a while, ACR only supported it in 11.3 released last month but you probably know that. DNG should work in the interim.

Should have added that you could upload examples as per instructions here:

Samples are already there.

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@Morgan_Hardwood - I did look for an enhancement issue, obviously not hard enough! Good stuff!

Not very easy indeed

obviously really hard to find :wink:

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So not just me, then - I only cautiously peek into GitHub in the hope of seeing some sexy enhancements on the horizon. Is GitHub like my study I wonder, where nobody knows where anything is except me?

Either you didn’t understand my humor or I didn’t unterstand yours. Anyway, funny :slight_smile:

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