Canon SX500IS Camera and lens profiles


(John McGinniss) #1

The Canon Powershot SX500 IS camera does not seem to be supported in Rawtherapee.
I am currently using the settings for the SX510HS model.
I suspect that it is not 100% compatible and probably needs manual tweaking to produce the correct image alignment.
I have the latest CHDK firmware installed on the camera memory module.

I’m a newbie with this software so any advice would be most welcome.



(Mica) #2

Which “settings” are you referng to? Which version of RawTherapee are you using?

(John McGinniss) #3

Thanks for the prompt reply!
I have latest Rawtherapee version. ( 5.3 )
The settings I’m referring to are the Profiled lens corrections in the Crop section of the tools. ( Camera, Lens )

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

@johnnymcg you probably need to follow this:
First check whether your lens isn’t already supported by the latest development version of lensfun.

(John McGinniss) #5

Thanks for the suggestion Morgan.
Unfortunately the Canon Powershot SX500IS is not in the Lensfun latest version either.
The Powershot SX510HS is there though.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

That page has instructions on how to proceed.

(John McGinniss) #7

Thanks, Morgan.
I sent off a request for support of the Canon Powershot SX500IS camera/lens.


@johnnymcg If you don’t sent the pictures it’s almost unuseful…

Here you can find instructions for distorsion calibration that i think is the most important part:

Once you’ve got the raw images, you can upload them there.

For ca with that camera you can use autocorrection, for vignetting you need a white plexiglass that doesn’t exceed 3mm thickness, and a a lamp. You surely can find how to proceed on lensfun page, it’s really really ultraeasy.

(John McGinniss) #9

Thanks for the helpful instructions. I’ll see what I can do regarding getting the images uploaded.