Can't AutoStretch DSS stacked image?

Is this a bug? I opened an old image I had stacked in DSS, but when I clicked AutoStretch in Siril, nothing happens. The image is linear as far as I know, and 32bits

  • Chris

Share the pic please.

I’m not sure but last time we had a 32 bit image from DSS wasn’t it out of our [0, 1] range? Or was it another software?

Probably. Image from DSS are strange I believe :).
Make processing from scratch in Siril would be a better idea ;).

OK, just resaved the image in PS as 32bit, and now it works. Strange! but at least we know it is DSS that is messing up!

OK. Having a picture in example would be good however.

Sorry, here is the link:


OK, so this is not only the autostretch that is not working. But this kind of TIFF file is not read by Siril.
All pixel values are set to 0.

This is fixed for next version.

Capture d’écran du 2020-10-26 16-56-14

Good to know it’s fixed in the next version! :grinning: