Can't find G'Mic in Filters

(Theodore Kelly) #1

Firstly: Thanks to all of y’all…
Nextly: Just installed newest GIMP and G’Mic (Dec 2018) and Gimp works fine but I can’t find G’Mic.
Details: Windows 8.1/ 32bit Nextbook/GIMP 2.10.8/G’mic 2.4.4
Lastly: Yes, I’m a dummy. I can (probably) go to edit>preferences>plugins, etc if I was 1. sure it might work and 2. pointed in the right direction.

(parenthetically) It’s not going to work on a 32 bits system, is it ?

(pphoto) #2

G’Mic should be under the ‘Filter’ menu. On my system (Windows 7 32Bit) it is the lowest menu entry.

(Theodore Kelly) #3

Thanks, I know where it should be (lol). It’s just not there for me on this computer. I’m glad to hear that you’re using the newes (Qt) version on a 32bit system though. That gives me hope that I can fix this.


Just checking:

Did you install the 32-bit version of G’MIC?

See: Should be these.

Were GIMP and G’MIC installed in their default locations?

(Theodore Kelly) #5

Thanks (a whole lot)
No - on the 32 bit
Yes - on the location
I’ll try this later and thanks a whole bunch.