Can't find RawTherapee in package search

Does this mean that without bending over backwards to add custom repositories, RawTherapee is not available in OpenSUSE, Arch, Debian, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Mageia, etc?✓&baseproject=ALL&q=rawtherapee

No route matches {:action=>“show”, :controller=>“package”, :package=>“rawtherapee-dbgsym_5.7-1dhor~bionic_amd64.ddeb”}, possible unmatched constraints: [:package]

@MarcinBajor could you make RawTherapee available in the official repositories?

I only maintain
All packages and repositories are unofficial.
There is other project
with RawTherapee package

which is link to stable version in home:rawtherapee. As I remember graphics is development project for official packages.

So I removed all files not related to openSUSE in graphics repository and submitted package into official openSUSE repository. Waiting for review.

Thank you

Well if you step up as the maintainer you can even submit it to openSUSE Factory and Leap afterwards. then it will be part of the normal distribution.

I already offered you graphics:rawtherapee (similar to what we do for darktable) where you can do the builds for all other distros. home: has this warning for users (for a good reason normally).

I’m already maintainer of

openSUSE:Factory is only for openSUSE Thumbleweed? Which project is for openSUSE Leap? How can I submit to Leap?

openSUSE:Leap:15.2 is the next version which has an ETA around May next year.

we could check if 15.1 could get it as an online update if you want.

with graphics/rawtherapee vs graphics:rawtherapee/rawtherapee … in the first project you wont get non opensuse build. while in the latter you can.

If RawTherapee passes review to openSUSE:Factory
should I submit to


If you want.