Can't make this image 100% opaque

I’ve got this simple “black and white” image I’m trying to prepare for laser engraving. I’ve been going crazy trying to get the foreground opaque. I’ve never had such difficulty. What am I missing?

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More info here:

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I’m not quite getting what it is that you are trying to achieve. Maybe this?

You can do this using levels instead of curves. Then use color to alpha… and pick white.
Hope this helps. :confused:

I want everything that isn’t white to be opaque black. I went back to Affinity Designer and fixed the text. That’s fine now. But, no matter what I try, I can’t get that graphic to be opaque. The white is just temporary to help illustrate that the image is not opaque.

Making the image black and white isn’t the issue, though it was a bit of a challenge. More so than most. Getting that graphic to be opaque has me stumped.

This is a png with a transparent background.

One way to change that:

  • add a new, white, layer
  • move white layer to bottom
  • merge the 2 layers
  • use colors → levels to adjust the now grey(-ish) text/cactus back to black.

EDIT Just read your replies you made while I posted. Guess my solution isn’t what you are after…

Quick and easy with GIMP:

Much better with Inkscape:

Results with Inkscape:

PNG file

Vector graphic (SVG):


Thank you. The GIMP version seemed a bit pixelated. I like the Inkscape version. I just downloaded Inkscape a few days ago and haven’t had a chance to get familiar. That looks straight forward enough and, ultimately, I think an SVG would be preferable.

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