Can't open RT 5.7 on Mac

I just downloaded the new v5.7 on my MacBook Pro and it won’t open. It quits unexpectedly , then jumps to a Terminal window and after various warnings, just stops. I’m using Mojave and have never had this problem with RT before.

Any ideas?

Will be rebuilding it soon. Trying to figure out how to add the macOS sdk sysroot in meson to rebuild a library which recently dropped autotools support.

Is it a known problem, then?

Yes, the problem is known.

OK. Thanks. I thought it was me!

Any progress on this?

I seem to be having a possible similar problem. In my case, after installing RT 5.7 it more or less immediately crashed. Restarting got me to this:

" The last time you opened RawTherapee-bin, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?"

Whether I reopen or not it immediately crashes. Worse yet, I can’t even resort to RT 5.6. That simply will not start at all. Is this perhaps a different problem?

I’m running Mac Catalina.


Yes this is true. I believe RT needs to be recompiled for Catalina from my attempt to run 5.6 it appears Catalina has upgraded some libraries and seems they are not compatible with the current builds. Sadly I was forced to upgrade to Catalina through a reinstall of MacOS.

@Socrateeze et al.
test new macOS builds here: RT 5.7 MacOS build ready to test

Has there been an update on RT 5.7 for Mac since September? As discussed above, I couldn’t open it on my MacBook Pro, the problem was known, and there hasn’t been any news on the website about any updates since then.