Can't subscribe Rawtherapee rss feeds with Thunderbird

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Feed Validation Service (link) tell me:

This feed does not validate.
line 642, column 54: XML parsing error: :642:54: undefined entity [help]

Please repair Rawtherapee rss feeds

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Thank you.
Can you unban me on Beep6581/RawTherapee?

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Check your RSS feed again -

(geoderix) #7

Checked. Dont work. Rawtherapee site is done bad people with legs, not arms.

(Mica) #8

We are working on building a new site (slowly) and it’ll have functioning RSS.

(geoderix) #9

Maybe you can turn on rss? Perhaps this is a very difficult and overwhelming task. It seems to me that you are a good person and you are lucky, you can fix a couple of lines of html code. Nobody has been able to do it for eight years, but you will succeed. I will pray for your success. God help you!

(Mica) #10

I participate in these projects in my free time and without any type of of pay. I don’t appreciate your sarcasm. If you’d like to participate and contribute the code you think is simple, then please do.

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(geoderix) #11

I also write my sarcasm in my free time. You are offended in vain. When the RCC has not worked for many years, and the validator shows where the error occurred, then this is a good reason for ridicule. Or do you not agree? Or are you a fan of political correctness? And you can’t call shit shit? Be more fun. In Europe, spring has come, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, maybe the rss on the site will work.

(Mica) #12

You seem to feel that you are entitled to an RSS feed, but you are incorrect.

Do you think your sarcasm is motivational? It isn’t.

(geoderix) #13

I am indifferent. I am completely indifferent. In addition, someone asked me to go to the validator, knowing what the validator would say - the one who wrote the rss on the site is not very smart. So it’s not me who started joking with sarcasm. But if you do not notice it, then despite my prayers, I am sure that you will not cope with the RCC. I hope I explained in detail for you and even you already understood the reason for my sarcasm. If again they did not understand, then …
And change the avatar, look slightly over-excited. This is alarming.

(Morgan Hardwood) #14

Thank you for bringing this to my attention in a polite and courteous manner.

RSS (Atom 1.0) feed fixed:

(geoderix) #15

My account has been blocked by someone for a week. Maybe with the aim of punishing me for some words. I have no idea what words punished me. Or now it is not politically correct to call the brightly expressed fool a fool? I do not know English very well, and even worse I know mysterious politically correct slang. Tell me how on this politically correct slang to tell a jerk that he is a jerk? Although I did not write this, but only hinted. And the jerk took offense and complained. Next time I’ll just write the idiot that he is idiot. Or is it not politically correct? Now the imbeciles should be called reasonable people? Anyway, after all, complain.

(Mica) #16

If you don’t understand the words you’re writing, then don’t write them.

I’m not that concerned with political correctness (and this isn’t a case of political correctness), but rather this is a case of being condescending. You are capable of communicating without degrading the work of others. Doing so is not difficult.

If you wish to report a problem here, that is fine and welcome, but you can not resort to demeaning the work of others or to calling names. It isn’t acceptable. If you continue to do as such, you’ll be silenced again or outright banned. Is that clear?

(geoderix) #17

Who are you to give me advice?
I have not seen any of your work. RSS has been broken for many years and you personally can not fix it. Just chatting about nothing. I don’t care about your idle chatter. I don’t care if you don’t have a sense of humor. I do not care that you have a silly avatar. I do not care what you are in the universe. I did not touch you. You climbed with your teachings and tears about what you write in your free time. So what? Here everyone writes in free time. And you alone are proud of it and you are not doing the right thing. Are you a complete and incurable idiot?


Pathetic attempt of a teenager trying to troll :laughing: