Can't use chromatic abberation module

Hey all, dt newbie here so I may have done something wrong. I uploaded .cr2 files to darktable and edited them, but the one thing I can’t use is the chromatic abberations module. It gives me an error saying that the photos aren’t raw files. They should be, but I just pulled them from my camera using the pop up file explorer window that imported them to my hard drive. I’m now reading that people create scripts and stuff to get raw files off of their cameras. Did I download them wrong and somehow only import the jpeg version of my raw files into darktable?

Or, if I got the files uploaded to dt correctly, am I doing something wrong in the chromatic ab. module?
Sorry in advance if these are dumb questions. Thanks!

Hello and welcome!

If the files are .CR2 files, they should be raw files. Perhaps you can post an example file and the .xmp sidecar?

Most likely your .cr2 files are Mraw or Sraw, which are not raw, because they are already demosaiced.

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Yikes. You are right…I just went back to my camera and it’s set to Sraw. So these are going to edit like jpegs no matter what I do in darktable huh? is there any way to remove chromatic aberration without using that module?

I’ve changed the setting on my camera so it will shoot in regular plain old raw next time, but that would explain why i’ve had so much trouble with darks and highlights being much harder to salvage than they were in lightroom.

So last question - is there a certain way I should be pulling the pics off of my camera and saving them to the file explorer? Or is it fine to just let the computer detect the camera and then copy the files to a folder on my computer? Thank you both for the help!!

With some luck there could be a lensfun profile for your cam/lens combination which might have ca-correction.

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Kind of: they should be more similar to a 10 to 14-bit linear TIFF (depending on the camera). Yes, you lose all modules before demosaicing, but they should still be better than an 8-bit JPG.

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There are some excellent tools out there, but which tools are available to you depends on what operating system you use. On Linux, check out Rapid Photo Downloader (

Or one can make their own profile, it actually isn’t that hard.

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how would I go about doing that? Or is it worth it for one photo session worth of pictures if I’m going to shoot in full raw from now on? I’m on windows if that makes a difference. :slight_smile:

How about on Windows? lol. Thanks!

Sorry, I don’t know the best alternatives for Windows…maybe someone here who does photography work on Windows will know.

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won’t defringe module help in your case?

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