Capture Sharpening and the Contrast Mask

Any opinions as to the best zoom level for adjusting the Contrast Threshold slider while the Contrast mask is activated?

When I adjust the capture sharpening contrast threshold while the contrast mask is activated, I almost always use the Fit to screen zoom level. But I am a low ISO shooter. For high ISO that might be different…

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Interesting how different people do different things.

I always use a 1:1 (100%) zoom level when tinkering with the contrast mask, for both the Capture sharpening and the Sharpening module. I get the impression that one can be just a bit more precise when fully zoomed in.


Well, for the sharpening module, you have to use >= 100% zoom level for viewing the contrast mask in any case :wink:

Yeah, that is true. I’m so used to doing it this way that I forgot all about that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

One advantage of Capture sharpening is, that you can preview the contrast mask at any zoom level.

Yes, I noticed that and it doesn’t seem to change the mask detail at the different zoom levels.

In my opinion, only with 100% zoom you have full control.
Less than 100% is completely out of control.
More than 100% could be useful only if you well keep in mind that you are zoomed more than 100%

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I disagree. Here, at fit to screen preview (29% in this case) I get a nice overview of the sharpening

Of course at 100% I get a more detailed view

But that does not mean, less than 100% is out of control in my opinion