Cataloguing Recommendations

I am used to cataloguing and sorting my RAW images using LR6, but at the moment cannot use my LR6 software, so am using Raw Therapee for processing. It’s very good software, but for initially sorting images (flagging for keeping/maybe/trash, etc) the interface controls take too much time, especially when I am going through a shoot of several hundred images. In LR I have the image at full size in the catalogue then use the arrow keys to go back and forth, using P to flag to keep or X to flag as trash. It’s that simple. With RT I am having to use double key controls and sort in the editor, not the file browser, if I want to see the file full size, and then use the mouse to select the image or mark for trash, and then drag the filmstrip with the scroll bar every few images because it doesn’t scroll automatically, etc.

Can anyone recommend alternative cataloguing sofwares?

EDIT: At the moment I can only use portable versions.


Digikam is phenomenal IMO.

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Thanks Uli. Because of my predicament I can only use portable software versions at the moment, and have found only one for DigiKam, which Windows is suspicious of. Other portables I’m using are fine. I’m testing Fast Stone at the moment. I need something temporary with a decent flagging system, but will consider something permanent.