CC and CL curves

CC and CL are curves (expecially CL) that I love to use in RT but I can’t find in ART.
Are they available somewhere or they are missed?

Thank you

You can obtain a similar effect with the color/tone correction tool and parametric masking on the C channel.

Thank you.

I’m not an expert about color/tone correction.
I tried with a “parametric mask” based on Luminosity and then I played with saturation in standard mode. I obtained, more or less, the same result of CL curve, but not with the feeling to have all under control.
I hope this is the right way to do the job, anyway, about my question, I assume the answer it’s a no, due to the more time needed.
It’s a 5 seconds, well controlled and defined, action vs more time for too many variables to deal with.

I’don’t want to criticize the choice to kill that function from RT, but I’m curious about why.

Basically, less (a bit messy) code to maintain. However, incidentally I’ve recently (couple of days ago) reintroduced a cc curve in the tone curve module, which also has a cl curve since some time ago. They are meant to do some post-tonemapping corrections, but of course you are free to use them creatively if you want…

Btw, criticism is completely fine for me, even harsh one (but better if properly motivated, i.e. “this sucks because…” rather than “this sucks period” :slight_smile:

Incident… accident… Anyway a good one! :slight_smile:

My use of CC anc CL curves are about to give a more aseptic look to those pictures with too many colors in lights and shadows or that have an almost flat sturation level.

Thank you