Change default backup mode

Hi, how can I change the default backup mode? Btw what is the last cronjob doing

#@reboot sudo /home/pi/little-backup-box/scripts/ >> /home/pi/little-backup-box.log 2>&1
#@reboot sudo /home/pi/little-backup-box/scripts/ >> /home/pi/little-backup-box.log 2>&1
#@reboot sudo /home/pi/little-backup-box/scripts/ >> /home/pi/little-backup-box.log 2>&1
@reboot cd /home/pi/little-backup-box/scripts && sudo php -S
@reboot sudo /home/pi/little-backup-box/scripts/

I got the list by crontab -e

The # turns the line from an active command to a comment.

Remove the # from the line you want, add a # to the line you don’t

The final line runs which waits until there’s some storage device mounted then restarts a DLNA server and (if selected) a Syncthing server.

Hi, thank you for the answer.

That with the “#” was already clear. But also a bit missleading formulated by me

But the second is quite interesting! So when I just change now from the remote mode to card backup, then I don’t need the last line, right? - So the last to belong together.

You need the restart-servers cron job no matter what backup mode you use.

By the way, the latest version on Little Backup Box lets you change the default backup mode using a simple GUI tool. You can evoke it by running the script in the little-backup-box/scripts directory.