Changing HDD location of Albums/Collections ???

I have investigated in vain to find a means within digiKam to allow me to change the paths of my multitude of albums/collections other than doing them raw dog one-by-one, deleting the album and then reenlisting it in the new location.

I have figured out a much better, more direct path that I would like to employ; however, doing so will break the chain to all of my collections and I would have to reestablish them all over again.

Surely, there is an easier way to do this ?

Also, I have one major gripe with my last two versions of digiKam — always before, when I clicked “add a collection”, the navigation dialogue would open to the last folder visited; now, each time I click to add a new collection, it takes me all the way back to square one, forcing me to do the chore of all that navigating all over again; can the next version go back to the way things were ?

Changing the root location of an album is now possible with current digiKam versions without any problems and very easily. Simply click on the update icon (similar to a round circle) for the relevant collection in the digiKam settings under Collection.

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I have used digiKam to change hdd location of album.

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